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Success stories

Mayra Yucely BEB CAAL, from Guatemala. Graduated in September 2020

The EU4M program is a unique experience and an incomparable opportunity. During my two years of the Master's, I was able to study at Nile University-Egypt, University of Oviedo-Spain, and ENSMM-France.

EU4M program is one of the few Master's programs with the leadership part, the academic aspect, work experience during my thesis, cultural experience, and coexistence among the program's students.

Thanks to the program, I learned another language, I understood other cultures, and I published two scientific articles in recognized magazines.

One of the things that can be highlighted is that I made excellent friends and learned a lot from all my colleagues; we also had much help from the program coordinators. This program has granted me the chance to experience many cultures and traditions, which, in return, enriched my soft personal skills and let me exchange my culture with others. I am from Guatemala, and I am currently studying for a Ph.D. in Automation in the Micro and Nanorobotics team of the Femto-st research center in France.

Liseth Victoria PASAGUAYO BÁEZ, from Ecuador. Graduated in September 2020

Being part of the EU4M program has been an experience that changed my life and a challenge that I learned to face at all times.

It is an unforgettable experience since I still keep in my mind and heart the most beautiful things about Spain, Egypt, and France, which were the countries during my stay.

EU4M allowed me to share my daily life with other cultures in different languages, which is without a doubt a unique experience. It also allowed me to integrate, contribute, and work in a multidisciplinary field with a high academic level.

I am grateful to EU4M because thanks to this program I improved my skills in the different fields of mechatronics, and today I feel confident and capable to face new challenges, as well as, I feel prepared to generate new knowledge and make original contributions in the immense field of the research.

EU4M changed my vision and I can only say "It's up to you, to get where we dream to be someday".

EU4M Student from Ecuador (2018-2020)

Pilar S., from Ecuador. Graduated in September 2020

My experience during the EU4M was unbelievable, full of challenges every day. I spent my first year in Spain and my second in Germany. The academic level of the Master is excellent, and it is complemented with the possibility of learning new languages and get in contact with cultures from all over the world. I have made great friends who I will always keep in my heart.

The EU4M improved not only my professional skills but also my intra-personal skills. I was able to overcome fears that I did not imagine before, like studying in a foreign language. Now I know that the only limitations to reach an objective are ourselves and the motivation to face day after day.

I want to share a phrase I heard the last week of my studies to the future generations of EU4M. "There are many people qualified for the EU4M, but not all of them meet the language requirement or are motivated enough". The academic effort is always essential but learning new cultures and languages opens the door to endless opportunities.

I am grateful for these two years of preparation, which allowed me to continue my career in the world of research, robotics and automation in a German research centre.

EU4M Student from Pakistan (2018-2020)

Ammar ABBAS, from Pakistan. Graduated in September 2020

Writing this success story while flying back to my country after 2 years and exploring 2 continents stimulates a quick flashback in mind. EU4M is not just a Master's Degree Programme but a personality building programme along with professional enhancement.

The reason I chose this only Erasmus and the only scholarship program was on the basis of the fact that there were no other programs with such an immense horizon of opportunities, studying in two continents, being able to learn two languages, and the flexibility of doing an internship in any company or institute throughout the world.

I started my journey in Egypt and was the youngest amongst the group. Away from my country for the first time for a whole year drove anxiety and fear, but there were people on every stage to guide and help. Egypt is a country filled with cultural heritage, where one can grasp the underlying history of mankind, where we visited whole Egypt in just 10 days.

The second-year started in a new continent and the studies were in a language that I had not mastered yet. For the master's thesis, I got three options to choose from Germany, the USA, and Austria. I chose the company based in Austria where I had to develop the autonomous collision avoidance system for a boat using computer vision and artificial intelligence. Therefore, I shifted my domain towards artificial intelligence and deep learning and understanding the mechatronic system of the boat for which I had no prior knowledge. I even performed my internship in two different cities in order to complete all the desired tasks and carried out a high-quality master thesis. After an interview, later, during the internship, I was offered a job in the company as well.

EU4M Student from Cameroon (2018-2020)

Boubakari ABDOULAYE, from Cameroon. Graduated in September 2020

Success is not only a question of willingness, qualities, and readiness. You need to be able to rely on yourself and your own experiences, on your projects, on your discoveries, on what shapes and transforms you. But you also need to be able to count on others, on the people and personalities who make an impression on you, on the initiatives that open up new horizons, on the companies that teach you the basics and influence you. Your success belongs to you. The EU4M master's program has enabled me to meet personalities, initiatives, and opportunities that have provided me with more than I could have imagined. I spent my first year in Egypt, my second year in France and Spain.

EU4M has trained me very well, for which I am forever grateful. We are often told that we are taught to learn, and that is absolutely true. I knew very little about the world of robotics, but the training I received at the Nile University, the École Nationale supérieure de mécanique et des microtechniques, and the University of Oviedo enabled me to acquire the keys of this world very quickly.

Overall, I had an amazing experience with the EU4M program, I met wonderful people and made lifelong friends. In addition, EU4M gave me the opportunity to learn new languages. One day I wake up "French", the next day I feel "Spanish", sometimes I feel "Arabic". Currently, I am holding two positions in the Erasmus Mundus Association (EMA).

EU4M trained me to be an "achiever" rather than a "doer".

EU4M Student from Brazil (2018-2020)

Rilene Carolina GOELZER, from Brazil. Graduated in September 2020

The EU4M master degree changed my life and my perspective on the world. It offered the unique opportunity to learn engineering, while meeting other cultures and countries.

I did my first two semesters in Germany and my third one in Spain. Taking classes in the local languages was not easy, but the staff was always ready to help and the professors were very understanding with any language mistake. After all, language is never a barrier if we are willing to learn and communicate. The challenges were many and completing this master's degree is very rewarding.

I had a great time, made friends for life and now I feel ready and prepared for my next adventure.



EU4M Student from Colombia (2017-2019)

Nicolás RAMÍREZ ÓRTIZ, from Colombia. Graduated in September 2019

Hello, I am originally from Colombia, from a city called San Juan de Pasto. Yes, I'm Pastucito. When I left my country, I first went to the Czech Republic, where I lived for 10 years. Then I lived for another year in Spain, then I lived for 6 months in Egypt and for the next 6 months in Germany, the latter three countries thanks to the EU4M Master Degree. At the end of my Master Degree, the company I carried out my Master's Thesis for contracted me and I went to live in Spain for 2 years to learn everything that can be learnt from an additive manufacturing Startup.

Now I am working in Denmark on a project that aims to establish a revolutionary manufacturing method for the production of low-cost, waste-free reusable moulds. This method allows the construction of sophisticated concrete structures. The project will introduce a novel technique with high-speed, large-scale additive manufacturing of wax moulds. We believe that this technique can eliminate 374 million tons per year of wood formwork waste from concrete construction and achieve a 78% cost reduction in formwork production. I would not be here if it were not for the experience, the learning and the doors that were opened during and after the Erasmus+ EU4M.

I assure you that if you are thinking about applying for a Master Degree and you are selected to join EU4M, you will not regret it, and you will meet a lot of people who will help you with things that you cannot even imagine.

Good luck!



EU4M Student from Ecuador (2017-2019)

Juan Carlos MACHADO BASTIDAS, from Ecuador. Graduated in September 2019

EU4M was my first international experience, which at the beginning, was a very big challenge for me. But then, this would change my life completely, because besides enhancing communication skills in different languages, and working with professionals from other kinds of culture, I could reach tools, knowledge and many other technical skills about Mechatronics Engineering that prepared me for a highly competitive labor market.

Therefore, I am very satisfied and grateful to the EU4M Consortium for giving me the opportunity to study in three different countries and for allowing me to share experiences in a multicultural environment, as well as expanding my mind with people from all over the world. Hence, in my first year of the master, I studied at the University of Oviedo (Spain), then, my third semester, I studied at Nile University (Egypt), which specialization is "Fabrication and Process Automation" with support of FACT – FESTO Authorized and Certified Training and finally, in my 4th semester, I defended my master thesis in ENSMM (France).

In few words, EU4M was one of the most wonderful and enriching experiences in my life, and I definitely recommend this master, because I think it is a great opportunity to complement not only your professional life but also your personal life. Furthermore, as an EU4Mer, I just can say, Erasmus is a unique opportunity that everyone should live.

EU4M Student from Brazil (2017-2019)

Gabriel DE BRITO SILVA, from Brazil. Graduated in September 2019

The EU4M was a total life-changing. It opened my vision, expanded my horizons. It made me understand people more. It developed my willing for seeking to continue a high-level professional career. I can not see myself without this experience anymore. I owe my biggest personal and professional achievements to this program.






EU4M Student from Brazil (2016-2018)

Ana Luara ALARCÓN OLIVEIRA, from Brazil. Graduated in September 2018

Being part of EU4M was one of the best experiences I've ever had.

I met incredibly intelligent people coming from so different countries, with the same goal of studying mechatronics more thoroughly.

The master gave me the tools to get my dream job and has given me friendships that I will bring to my entire life.




EU4M Student from El Salvador (2016-2018)

José Javier VANEGAS TORRES, from El Salvador. Graduated in September 2018

Thanks to EU4M I had the opportunity to receive an international education that opened many doors for me, in particular, to work now in the automobile industry.

EU4M means getting out of the comfort zone, challenging yourself to learn new languages but in particular to get involved in a multidisciplinary technological area. I will recommend this master degree to those who are willing to accept challenges on a daily basis, work independently and integrate well not just in a professional team but also in a new culture and society.

Without a doubt, the EU4M experience became a turning point of personal and professional growth, to become now a committed professional with a global mindset.


EU4M Student from Colombia (2016-2018)

Andrés Oswaldo SOSA MARTÍNEZ, from Colombia. Graduated in September 2018

EU4M has provided me with the tools and knowledge I was looking for, now I feel with more confidence not only in the professional but also in the personal life. I am now able to work in different languages in a field that I always liked: Internet of things and Home automation.






EU4M Student from Ecuador (2013-2015)

Luz María TOBAR SUBÍA CONTENTO, from Ecuador. Graduated in September 2015

10 things you must know about EU4M... Well, actually there are many more than 10 and I don't want to be too boring...

My stay in EU4M was one of the most beautiful experiences in my life. It is a great opportunity to fully frow as a person and to fulfil your professional development.

One of the reasons that made me choose EU4M was the opportunity to study in two internationally acknowledged institutions, as well as having to study in a language other than my mother tongue. Of course it was hard, there is no denying that; but the important thing is that, it can be done!!

Another advantage is the possibility of carrying out your Master's Thesis in large research centers in Europe. Having the opportunity to be in contact with the latest technological developments makes you feel as a child in a toy store :-) It also allows you to see the tight relation between enterprise and academia.

Moving to another country makes you leave your friends behind for a few months, and that is definitely something I did not like. However, it also gives you the opportunity to share and learn from different cultures, as well as making new friends!

To make it short, studying in EU4M helped me visualize and decide what I really wanted to do after graduating.

EU4M Student from Cuba (2012-2014)

José Ismael VALDÉS SEOANE, from Cuba. Graduated in September 2014

The fascinating idea of "discovering" the world seems to be always there for young people. When you come from an undeveloped country, such a challenge is even bigger: financial issues, immigration procedures, maybe even not easy internet access... Everything you have are good student records from a public University, some foreign lenguage skills and a lot of courage.

It is wonderful when you suddenly find out that there are programs like EU4M! The real challenge begins when you are landing on the other side of the world. Then it becomes bigger when you speak everyday a "weird" language, get to know people from other cultures, use well-equipped labs and take conferences with highly renamed and qualified professors.

I assure you that you will start to change... respect, tolerance, self-confidence and hard work will lead you. One day you wake up and you understand better youself and your own culture. Next days you wake up and you feel a little bit French, Spanish, German... Morever, you use Russian words! You find yourself sharing tea with an Egyptian, an Indonesian and a Honduran. You are able to work in teams with all of them in that "not-anymore-odd" language. You become an improved version of yourself.

Currently, the labor market needs high-qualified engineers. But not more than what today's world needs tolerant and solidary human beings. EU4M gave me the aim of becoming such a man.

So, if I was asked again if I wanna send an application...I´d say: just give the email!

-And yes, of course there are things to be improved, I'm pretty sure they will...that's also part of the challenge!

EU4M Student from Mexico (2011-2013)

Georgina GUTIÉRREZ GLINZ, from Mexico. Graduated in September 2013

I’m sure that at least once in your life you have asked yourself the following question: What would have been if..? . I know I have done it myself at least a couple times; last time was recently when I was asked to write this lines. What would have been if I had not been a part of EU4M? – Who knows? Not me. But let me tell you what did happen.

It was not my first international experience, but EU4M certainly gave me many things my last experience did not: confidence. Confidence to talk in a language I do not have a full knowledge (German), but despite this I can understand and make myself clear at not only in casual conversations but also in work related meetings and dialogs. Confidence to know that even if I do not possess an ability to perform a task that I can work my way through it and both be able to carry out that task and acquire such ability. Confidence not only to dream, but to go chase those dreams and make them come true.

I had already imagined myself working in a multinational company, I knew I would be able to work and coexist with people from different background, but I had never imagined I would end up being a PM in such an early state of my career. This was possible thanks not only for the technical knowledge acquired in both partner universities, but because of both my Professors and classmates who made me realize and develop a certain leadership I did not possess before.

EU4M Student from Cuba (2011-2013)

Mario CABELLO ULLOA, from Cuba. Graduated in September 2013

EU4M was a great experience both professionally and personally. The master has a high technical level and it provided important professional skills. The universities involved (in my case, UniOvi & HsKa), provide very good conditions for training and a congenial atmosphere facilitating good relationship between professors and students. Great cultural variety is offered by EU4M and Gijón and Karlsruhe are two wonderful and charming cities.





EU4M Student from Ecuador (2011-2013)

Santiago Andrés HERRERA ANDA, from Ecuador. Graduated in September 2013

When I finished my studies in Electronics and Control Engineering in Ecuador, my new goal was to study abroad for achieving new experiences and learning new languages being that I had not had the opportunity during my previous studies. For a year and a half I worked with some ex-classmates and friends in building our Engineering company. During that time many of us noticed that we needed more experience, not only in technical field but as well we needed to see how things worked in other places around the globe. In 2011 I reached the opportunity I had been looking for: EU4M.

EU4M changed completely my perspective of the world. How? Having constant contact with people from different places and cultures, allowing me to meet these extraordinary people and being able to consider most of them my friends.

On the professional side, EU4M gave me the necessary knowledge in Mechatronics. This was reinforced by direct experience with modern laboratories, highly qualified teachers and visits to world renowned companies. All of this always without forgetting the emphasis given to learning the local language: this tells EU4M apart from all the other Erasmus Mundus Master programs. This does not only allows EU4M Alumni to open new doors and more career opportunities, but also allows them to discover and understand more about the culture of at least 2 of the Partner universities.

I would recommend EU4M without any hesitation to anyone who wants to have a wonderful life- and professional – changing experience.

EU4M Student from Spain (2011-2013)

Héctor ANDRÉS MAYOR, from Spain. Graduated in September 2013

When I finished my studies in Industrial Electronics Engineering in Spain I had the sensation of having a huge lack of experience, of course I had not yet had the opportunity to work in a company, but I also missed practical experience in university projects, teamwork, etc. That was the moment I heard about EU4M, a practice-oriented master which also gave me the opportunity to improve my language skills.

I couldn’t be more satisfy with my election. Thanks to EU4M I get that practical experience in teamwork I was looking for and that it is so demanded by companies nowadays. The multidisciplinary knowledge that the field of Mechatronics comprise also give me a brand new world of job opportunities, not just limited to the industrial electronics field.

But what really distinguish EU4M from other masters is the chance to study with all- around the world students, not only for improving your language skills but most of all because you learn about other cultures and ways of thinking, making new friends with another interesting point of view. This experience will expand the way you see the world like no other.

Right now I’m working on the field of hydraulic and I know I got this chance among many others thanks to EU4M. Interdisciplinary knowledge, teamwork practice and language skills in more than just English is what every company is looking for nowadays.

I would recommend EU4M without any doubt to anyone open to a new experience, not only in the academic side, but also in the personal side.


EU4M Student from Indonesia (2010-2012)

Rhea VALENTINA, from Indonesia. Graduated in 2012

End of 2009 (after returning from my internship period in Germany), I decided to look for a master scholarship in Europe, particularly in Germany. I found in internet some information about Erasmus Mundus then I read about EU4M program. The program fascinated me and I sent my application then I was granted this scholarship.

During 2 years of master I attended several seminars, event, and trainings which are beneficial to extend the contact with institutes, companies, and industry partners. Therefore, I accomplished the thesis work in an industrial research institute. Prior to finalizing my thesis work, I was granted with both PhD scholarship from University of Tübingen and opportunity to work as a research scientist in Forschungszentrum Informatik.

The two years EU4M Master program indeed plays important role in my career life. Despite the technical knowledge, the international culture experience also supports my career life.

EU4M Student from Brazil (2010-2012)

Lucas LOPEZ LEMOS, from Brazil. Graduated in 2012

Hacer el Máster EU4M fue y está siendo de gran utilidad para mi carrera profesional. Primero, los conocimientos lingüísticos que adquirí en Español, Francés y hasta Inglés me son útiles para leer documentos, hojas e informes técnicos que no están disponibles en mi lengua materna y que son de gran importancia para el desarrollo de mis actividades.

Segundo, yo trabajo con automatización neumática y eléctrica industrial. Por esto, utilizo casi todos los días gran parte de los conocimientos que adquirí durante el Máster, principalmente, aquellos relacionados a sensores, actuadores, programación orientada a objetos.

Tercero, uso en mis proyectos dispositivos de fabricantes que utilicé en el Máster como PLC Schneider y componentes neumáticos Festo.

Por último, durante el Máster hice amigos que viven y trabajan en importantes empresas e institutos de Europa. Regularmente, nos hablamos por Internet y me entero de las innovaciones tecnológicas, productos y otras informaciones acerca de Mecatrónica que mantienen actualizado.

EU4M Student from Mexico (2009-2011)

Víctor Omar QUIROZ DE LUNA, from Mexico. Graduated in September 2011

EU4M changed my life completely, not only my professional life but also my personal life. Studying EU4M opened my eyes to see many horizons in front of me. It gave me the great opportunity to experience in different ways the European culture.





Alexey NIZOVTSEV, from Russia. Graduated in September, 2011

What are your feelings on eu4m course?

First year I studied in ENSMM (Besanson, France) and second year in HSKA (Karlsruhe, Germany). I worked on my master-thesis by BMW Forschung und Technik GmbH in Munich and the topic was “Development of Situation Interpretation Algorithms for Preventive Protection against Cyclists“. My graduation ceremony was on the 8th of September 2011.

What are you doing at present e.g. job, Ph.D...?

After graduation I decided to continue working in automotive industry, as I ever dreamed about. Right now I’m a development engineer in GIGATRONIK-Gruppe in Munich, where I’m involved in projects with BMW AG and working on electronic development at the customer's premises. Thanks to EU4M, that helped me to find my way! I would say I'm proud of being a EU4Mer.

 EU4M Student from Egypt (2008-2010)

Khaled METWALLY, from Egypt. Graduated in September, 2010

My name is Khaled Metwally, I am originally from Egypt. I was born in Gharbia and raised in Alexandria. I received my BSc. in Mechatronics Engineering from Alexandria Institute of Technology (A.I.T). In 2008, I applied to the European Union Master for Mechatronics and Micro-Mechatronics program (EU4M). I was confident that research values and objectives in EU4M-program would highly complement my own strengths and enthusiasm. In 2010, I received my double degree MSc. in Mechatronics and Micro-Mechatronics. As fruit of my master thesis work in microfluidics, two main articles have been published. Now, after finishing PhD Thesis in 2013 (studies in Femto-st research institute in France concerning Nano-injection moulding), I am a post-doc at the French National Centre for Science and Research (CNRS).

EU4M-program on one hand, aims to improve our technical skills and on the other hand to enhance communication skills between multi-cultural candidates and language skills. Learning a new language is like learning a new way to think and sing. My personal and professional life enhanced tremendously even before I completed the program. EU4M has been one of the most life-enriching experiences in my life. I would recommend EU4M program for future candidates who want to further their knowledge and a new exciting experience.

EU4M Student from Vietnam (2008-2010)

Tien Thanh Nguyen, from Vietnam. Graduated in September, 2010

What are your feelings on eu4m course?

Of course, it's interesting when you have chance to study in the field you like (mechatronics, robotics ...), in two countries (even in two high standard universities), and there are many challenges for your characteristics so that you can improve yourself day by day. For a very first graduate student like me, after 2 years, I can say I'm proud of being an EU4Mer.

What are special things you find in this course?

It's friendship from EU4Mers I have after this course: EU4m students, local students, professors (even some don't teach me any subjects). From not understanding each other fully to now we become very close friends, and we are in touch wherever we are. There are many moments in my life during eu4m course, which i will never forget.

What are you doing at present e.g. job, Ph.D...?

I'm doing my Ph.D in one of my favourite fields, Robotics at Katholieke Universiteit Leuven, Belgium.

EU4M Student from India (2008-2010)

Roy SOMESHWAR, from India. Graduated in September, 2010

What are your feelings on eu4m course?

Erasmus Mundus and in particular EU4M is a brand, a platform, an opportunity that transform lives. It nurtured me to grow both analytically and culturally. Apart from receiving world-class education from some of the best universities of Europe, it broadened my horizon to think and act as a global citizen in a world without borders. Thanks to EU4M, that today I can speak German and Spanish fluently and that I have friends from more than 30 nationalities.

What are special things you find in this course?

Strong Industry exposure through Conferences, Fairs and Industrial Visits, a motivating environment to pick-up the local language and culture very fast, hands-on training with live projects and flexibility to do a Master Thesis almost anywhere in the world.

What are you doing at present e.g. job. Ph.D....?

Marie Curie Research Scientish in an EU-FP7 joint research project on INTeractive RObotics (INTRO) between Umean

Admission period still open for self-financing students

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