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EMMC scholars must demonstrate outstanding academic and/or professional experience and bring real additional value to the delivery of the EMJMD.

Although scholars must apply at the EU4M Consortium, they are advised to first get in touch with the institution where they’d like to be hosted. In order to do so, please contact:

  • At UniOvi: Prof. Miguel Ángel José Prieto (mike@eu4m.eu)
  • At HSKA: Prof. Martin Kipfmüller (martin.kKipfmueller@h-ka.de)
  • At ENSMM: Prof. Nadine Piat (nadine.piat@ens2m.fr)
  • At NU: Prof. Wael Akl (wakl@nu.edu.eg)
  • At ISPU: Maria Pankratova (ieldispeu@gmail.com)

The scholars will be selected on a competitive basis and must be accepted by the EU4M Consortium before they can start collaborating in the EMJMD.

Scholars, who are expected to bring real additional value to the course and students, have to commit themselves to actively participate in the Master’s course activities and perform teaching/research/student tutoring activities.

Additionally, scholars should contribute, after their academic activities, to the general promotion and distribution of the EMJMD Programme in general and the JMD EU4M in particular, both in their home institutions and countries of origin.


The EU4M Consortium will select outstanding scholars based on the following criteria:

  1. Academic excellence, including prominence in the field and publication record.
  2. Potential contribution to the JMD EU4M course including relevance of expertise and experience.
  3. Teaching skills and ability to deliver high quality courses in the local language (Spanish, German, French or English).
  4. Contribution to diversity (disciplinary and geographic background) and the potential for future collaboration with the EU4M Consortium.

All selected scholars are expected to come from different higher education institutions (universities) or from industry.

Admission period still open for self-financing students

The admission period has already been closed for students interested in receiving an EACEA scholarship. However, self-funded students may still apply for the JMD EU4M Programme until May 15th

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