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Course modules

The JMD EU4M Programme defines the modules indicated in the table below. It must be noted that the modules and courses indicated here may vary from those actually implemented by the EU4M Partners. This is especially true for first-year courses, since they can be taken in up to three different institutions. The EU4M Consortium guarantees that, although the courses taken may differ, the final competencies acquired will be the same regardless of the first-year institution chosen.


1st semester
Module Subject ECTS
Automation IControl Systems4
Advanced Maths for Mechatronics4
Mechanical Design and Manufacturing IMechanical Design3
Mechanic of Materials3
Mechatronic Design IMicrocontrollers4
Methodology for Mechatronic project4
Transversal Qualifications ILanguage4
Optional subject4
2nd semester
Module Subject ECTS
Automation IIAdvanced Control4
Software Engineering4
Mechanical Design and Manufacturing IICAD3
Quality Management3
Modern Manufacturing Methods2
Mechatronic Design IIMechatronic project4
Transversal Qualifications IILanguage4
Optional subject4


1st semester
Module Subject ECTS
Specialization CoursesDepending on institution (see below)24
Transversal Qualifications ILanguage4
Optional subject4
2nd semester
Module Subject ECTS
Internship and Master ThesisInternship and Master Thesis4
Specialization courses
Design and analysis of mechatronic systems (6)
Manufacturing of mechatronic systems (6)
Sensors and Actuators (6)
Assembly and Test of Prototypes (6)
Mechatronic Prototypes (6)
Production Techniques (6)
Micromechatronics (6)
Optional Courses (6)
Mechatronic Project (6
Advanced Control Strategies (6)
Robotics and Microrobotics (6)
Microsystems (6)
Control of Engineering Systems (8)
Instrument Engineering Systems (8)
Microprocessor Systems (8)
Product Development & Management (6)
Sensors, Actuators, and PLC (6)
Embedded Programming (6)
Computer Interfacing & Data Processing (6)

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The first batch of admitted applicants will be notified by March 2019.

Availability of EACEA scholarships will be published in June/July 2019.

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