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Asociación del Master

An associated member of the EU4M Consortium could be a public or private institution within or outside Europe.

All associated members and partners of the EU4M Consortium are members of the association of friends of the EU4M Consortium . This association was founded on 10 September 2010.

The objective of associated partners, as institutions of higher education, is to promote our master’s courses, encourage companies to participate in our network and offer course projects and final master’s projects. In some cases they can also offer additional financial support to our students. In addition to this, associated members can develop their own master’s courses and in doing so become partners of the EU4M Consortium.

As an associated partner,  actively participating in the exchange of students and scholars and/or making places available for course projects and master’s theses within the EU4M Consortium is compulsory. By ‘exchange’ we mean sending students and scholars to any of the EU4M Consortium partner institutions for teaching and research activities. They can also welcome EU4M students for a stay of about 3 months or support their activities by means of recommendations, placements and/or financial support.

Admission period open for students interested in an EACEA scholarship

You may apply for the JMD EU4M Programme until January 15th.

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@JMD_EU4M - Interested in applying for an EACEA Scholarship to study EU4M JMD? Apply now at https://t.co/Vza5pMIlvJ. Deadline: January 15th, 2018

@JMD_EU4M - Currently holding the 2017 EU4M Annual Meeting in Besançon.

@JMD_EU4M - Master's Thesis period is over or about to finish in all the EU4M Institutions. We'll meet graduates in our next Annual Meeting in Besançon

@JMD_EU4M - CORRECTION: It is the 17-19 intake that is closed. Online registration for intake 18-20 will be open in September. Sorry about the confusion

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