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Submission period for students interested in an EACEA scholarship is open.


We are currently applying for further funding from the European Union so that we can offer EACEA scholarships. Final notification on whether that funding has been granted will be known sometime in June/July.


Admission to the EU4M Master will be communicated by March 2019. Award of EACEA scholarships, if applicable, will be notified as soon as this information is known. At that time, a second list of selected applicants will also be produced.


If you are interested in applying for the EU4M Master Degree, please register first (if you have not done so before) and then access the online application.


"The master gave me the tools to get my dream job and has given me friendships that I will bring to my entire life."

Anna Luara Alarcón Oliveira, Brazil, 2018

"EU4M has provided me with the tools and knowledge I was looking for, now I feel with more confidence not only in the professional but also in the personal life."

Andrés Oswaldo Sosa Martínez, Colombia, 2018

"My stay in EU4M was one of the most beautiful experiences in my life. It is a great opportunity to fully grow as a person and to fulfil your professional development."

Luz María Tobar Subía Contento, Ecuador, 2015

"One day you wake up and you understand better youself and your own culture. Next days you wake up and you feel a little bit French, Spanish, German... Morever, you use Russian words! You find yourself sharing tea with an Egyptian, an Indonesian and a Honduran. You are able to work in teams with all of them in that "not-anymore-odd" language. You become an improved version of yourself."

José Ismael Valdés Seoane, Cuba, 2014

"It was not my first international experience, but EU4M certainly gave me many things my last experience did not: confidence. Confidence to talk in a language I do not have a full knowledge (...). Confidence to know that even if I do not possess an ability to perform a task that I can work my way through it and both be able to carry out that task and acquire such ability. Confidence not only to dream, but to go chase those dreams and make them come true."

Georgina Gutiérrez Glinz, Mexico, 2013

"The two years EU4M Master program indeed plays important role in my career life. Despite the technical knowledge, the international culture experience also supports my career life."

Rhea Valentina, Indonesia, 2012

"EU4M changed my life completely, not only my professional life but also my personal life. Studying EU4M opened my eyes to see many horizons in front of me. It gave me the great opportunity to experience in different ways the European culture."

Víctor Omar Quiroz de Luna, Mexico, 2011

"Erasmus Mundus and in particular EU4M is a brand, a platform, an opportunity that transform lives. It nurtured me to grow both analytically and culturally. Apart from receiving world-class education from some of the best universities of Europe, it broadened my horizon to think and act as a global citizen in a world without borders."

Someshwar Roy, India, 2010

Admission period open for students interested in an EACEA scholarship

The first batch of admitted applicants will be notified by March 2019.

Availability of EACEA scholarships will be published in June/July 2019.

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