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Consortium organization

The EU4M Consortium defines an Organization Chart aiming to develop the JMD EU4M programme and implement the ideals of the EU4M Consortium into the organization of their home institutions.

The following governing bodies are defined:


Prof. Dr. Constantina Álvarez Peña
Edificio Departamental Oeste No. 3
Campus Universitario
33204 – Gijón (Asturias), Spain

+34 – 985 18 2571
+34 – 985 18 2138



This is the governing body of the JMD EU4M

  • Prof. Dr. Constantina Álvarez Peña (UniOvi, EU4M Coordinator)
  • Prof. Martin Kipfmüller (HSKA)
  • Prof. Nadine Piat (ENSMM) Prof. Wael Akl (NU)
  • Prof. Elena Koltsova (ISPU)
  • Juan José Montero Orozco (Students’ representative)

Associate Members are also invited to attend the meetings of the EU4M Consortium Committee



Each partner establishes a EU4M Local Committee in charge of monitoring the implementation and performance of the Master course at local level.


  • Prof. Miguel Ángel José Prieto (Local EU4M Coordinator)
  • Prof. Juan Díaz González
  • Prof. José Manuel Sierra Velasco
  • Representative of EU4M students at UniOvi


  • Prof. Martin Kipfmüller (Local EU4M Coordinator)
  • Prof. Jürgen Walter
  • Prof. Eberhard Halter
  • Representative of EU4M students at HSKA


  • Prof. Nadine Piat (Local EU4M Coordinator)
  • Prof. Emmanuel Bigler
  • Prof. Pierrick Malecot
  • Representative of EU4M students at ENSMM


  • Prof. Wael Akl (Local EU4M Coordinator)
  • Prof. Mohamed Elhelw
  • Prof. Rafik Guindy
  • Representative of EU4M students at NU


  • Prof. Elena Koltsova (Local EU4M Coordinator)
  • Prof. Leonid Maslov
  • Prof. Anatoly Terekhov
  • Representative of EU4M students at ISPU

Admission period still open for self-financing students

The admission period has already been closed for students interested in receiving an EACEA scholarship. However, self-funding students may still apply for the JMD EU4M Programme until May 15th

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